Ape Summer School Part IIII: Your daily slow practice...


This week...our final SLOW instalment.

Today we follow on from our previous videos which have all taken a little look into the world of slow living.

This week I focus how incorporating small daily practices into our daily lives means we can get closer to where we want to be.

So, if you've been around APE for any length of time, you'll know that I believe that change can happen in an instant.  However it's my experience that human beings are hard-wired to avoid change.  Especially when that change makes us feel uncomfortable.

Of course there are also changes that literally take time (for example you won't shift 3 stone of body weight over night unless you did something crazy drastic, but I digress).

So today we dig in on this one...what could you do every day to help you get one small step closer to where you want to be?

Get that pen and paper handy and let's take a look....

Ape Summer school Part III: Slow is your superpower!


Welcome back to our slow living series here at APE.

If you're new here, welcome!

This summer we've been taking a  look at the art of of doing things a little slower than usual.  Taking on a more realistic, reflective way of working and actually taking time to stop and smell the roses, dare I say it!

It's easy to get caught up in 'being busy' and rushing around for the sake of it.  Convincing ourselves that we are all the more important and that big things are getting done if we are chasing our tails!

Well, in my case, and in the case if so many of my clients, the world often has a funny way of slowing you down if you don't take the initiate and do it for yourself.

Don't get me wrong.  Inevitably we all have to dash about sometimes, tis the way of life...but I'm not talking about that.  I'm talking about those of us that have begun to equate busy with 'successful', or always being on the go with, I'm getting lots done!

It's often this way of being that leads to burn out, stress and actually, always rushing around means we often don't get to do our best work or sadly still, we don't stop for what's really important and forget why we're doing it all in the first place!...and that's exactly what we dive into today.

So without further ado, here is this week's little instalment.  Do have your pen and paper handy to jot down your ideas and as usual there is an exercise at the end...

..and don't forget to come back for the last video next week.

APE SUMMER SCHOOL PART II: The benefits of SLOW living..


Welcome back to week 2 in which we continue our dive into the Art of Slow Living...

Have you ever felt forced to slow down?

What was it that made you do it?

I know that for the clients I've worked with it's ranged from illness, conflict in their lives including family issues, burnout or even the death of a love one that has forced them to stop and take stock.

The lesson I've taken from working with people navigating through these experiences, as well as having experienced it myself, is that there is another way.

We don't, and really shouldn't wait for disaster to strike before we contemplate what we really want to do in our lives, or reevaluate how our lives could look.

So that's what we look at in this short video this week.

Get a pen and paper ready as there's a short exercise at the end that will help you to address the benefits of a slower pace of life.

Ape Summer School PART I...The art of SLOW


What haven't you yet achieved in your life that you would like to?

Is it that you would like to be doing a different job?  Is it that you'd like to find love and your perfect life partner or maybe you feel like all will be well when you're bringing in a particular income?

Also, if you want to do any of these things, have you got a time limited plan?  Should you achieve said status by next year, next month or maybe it should have already happened and now you're falling behind!   Agggghhh!

Having goals can be  great thing, and as you well know if you've been here at APE for any length of time we are big fans of setting yourself realistic and inspiring goals.  But  can this goal setting malarky become an issue?   Yes it can and quite easily too.

You see often we feel rushed, and angry with ourselves for not doing these things 'quickly' enough.  Everything just seems to take so damn long!

Well welcome to the art of SLOW.

Over the next 4 weeks here at APE we are going to be taking a look at the art of doing things slowly.  We'll be looking at how actually doing things more slowly can be of huge benefit to you, not only in actually in helping you to complete said projects, but helping you to do them in a way that feels right as it gives you time to really reflect, stop and do your very best work...not to mention as it can also mean doing things in a way that is more nurturing to yourself.

Need more convincing, well here's a short trailer...

[wpvideo yKPBUjVz]

I hope you'll be following along with this series of 4 short videos, all designed to help you see the benefits of a slower way of thinking , behaving, doing business and well, just being.

So without further ado, let's kick off with the very first instalment...


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For everyone else, till next week…

How to have a Multi-passionate career...


Did you always know what you wanted to do for a job when you were little?

What was it?  Did your idea stay the same or did you change you mind over time - maybe like me, when you realised what 'said job' would actually entail in terms of qualifications or actual on the job tasks!

Maybe, also like many of us who have struggled with this, you were conflicted as there were multiple things that took your fancy?  One you day you wanted to be a doctor the next an interior designer?

Although we don't look specifically at being 'Multi-passionate' (MP) as part of the APE Model, the concept naturally crops us as we look at what you do for your work and income.

Inevitably as part of this conversation, what you love to do, versus what you feel you should do, or indeed when you have been considering a career move, we begin to consider the possibility of stepping into a new career that brings you joy.

We also consider how you may be able to neatly fit together pieces of your life-jigsaw that will make up more of a Multi-passioante or Portfolio career.

So that's exactly what I'm looking at in today's video.  Here I tell you a little bit about me and why a MP career was the way forward on my own career path.  I also look at the benefits to addressing your career in this way and how it can actually free you up from a lot of angst about what you might be feeling you 'should be doing'.

So without further ado..

What do you think?

Do you currently have an MP career or would you like one?  Can you distinguish what you'd like to do for fun versus what you'd like to do for money?

Til next week!

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Why failure is the key to your success..


What have you failed at in your life? Personally, I believe I've had many failures in my life-time, and unlike some people who like to pussy foot around and 'coach-ify' the topic, I believe you CAN FAIL.

I say this because I hear lots of people saying things like..'you haven't really failed'...'it was just an experience'...'you just needed to do this, to get to be who you were really meant to be'....'that really wasn't failure, that was just...blah blah, blah!

 Now, let's be clear, it's not that I don't believe that failure can lead you to a better place, or even being a better person.  I just have a bug bear about people straying away from acknowledging and even saying the word failure (Harry Potter fans the equivalent is not being able to say Voldemort..am I right?).

It's like saying it somehow reflects on you being a lesser person.  Like there was a better option...like winning something or coming first!  No you didn't because you failed.  You are a failure! -says negative voice-.

Well, I happen to believe that failure is a vital part of our evolution and one we should acknowledge if you really want to achieve the things you've set out for yourself.  It not only allows us to get to where we want to be via a natural process of trial and error, but, by crikey what failing can do for your mind-set and ego is pretty spectacular.

And that's exactly what I discuss today. I first get a little down and dirty about my own past and share some of what my up-bringing was like in relation to 'failing', but I then dig into the magic that comes about when we really, well and truly, spectacularly FAIL.

So lets do this....

What are your thoughts?

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For everyone else, till next week...