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It’s well understood that employee satisfaction and overall commitment to their role is directly correlated to the wellbeing and the perceived happiness of a workforce.

This in turn impacts not only the culture of an organisation, but also its bottom line.

As employers like you strive to make good their work environments it’s not unusual for you to engage in a raft of training and events to help foster these qualities, making your company an all round better place to work.

For everyone.

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enter the dreaded corporate trainer

There are all kinds of training out there that you can buy in, from NLP, to sales techniques to stress workshops (!!), to wellbeing seminars and then all those bonkers things in-between. Enter white water rafting, abseiling and maybe a little drama class to really get your teams’ palms’ nice and sweaty!

(notice the boss rarely takes part in that one).

what we offer at the psychology school

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At The Psychology School we offer a refreshingly simple set of trainings that can be tailored to your work-force that work to target specific areas of your business. Ultimately what we offer does one main thing and that is..

‘..to help you get the best out of your work-force therefore creating the best working environment possible for you and your company’

why the psychology school?

The Psychology School is a company focused on Human Change and Peak Performance.

As it was founded by a Chartered Psychologist, you can also rest assure that the training you get is evidence-based and incorporates the best, most up to date research.

We also like to have fun!

Although the work we do is important and can have big implications for your company, it doesn’t mean we take ourselves too seriously!

Realising your human potential doesn’t come from wearing a suit and having an excellent Powerpoint Presentation.

Change and growth comes from being human, laughing, discovery and breaking down the barriers of creativity.

We do this, and we do it well here at The Psychology School.


our workshops, Coaching & consultancy

If you would like to find out about the different Workshops, Coaching and Consultancy packages we offer we have a Corporate Pack that we can send to you which outlines all the details.

To receive this please e-mail me Serena at, info@thepsychologyschool.co or click on the link below to complete a form outlining your query/request for the pack, and we will get back to you.