Why failure is the key to your success..


What have you failed at in your life? Personally, I believe I've had many failures in my life-time, and unlike some people who like to pussy foot around and 'coach-ify' the topic, I believe you CAN FAIL.

I say this because I hear lots of people saying things like..'you haven't really failed'...'it was just an experience'...'you just needed to do this, to get to be who you were really meant to be'....'that really wasn't failure, that was just...blah blah, blah!

 Now, let's be clear, it's not that I don't believe that failure can lead you to a better place, or even being a better person.  I just have a bug bear about people straying away from acknowledging and even saying the word failure (Harry Potter fans the equivalent is not being able to say Voldemort..am I right?).

It's like saying it somehow reflects on you being a lesser person.  Like there was a better option...like winning something or coming first!  No you didn't because you failed.  You are a failure! -says negative voice-.

Well, I happen to believe that failure is a vital part of our evolution and one we should acknowledge if you really want to achieve the things you've set out for yourself.  It not only allows us to get to where we want to be via a natural process of trial and error, but, by crikey what failing can do for your mind-set and ego is pretty spectacular.

And that's exactly what I discuss today. I first get a little down and dirty about my own past and share some of what my up-bringing was like in relation to 'failing', but I then dig into the magic that comes about when we really, well and truly, spectacularly FAIL.

So lets do this....

What are your thoughts?

What have you failed at and can you think of 3 positive things that have come from one of your own failures?  Please do share your thoughts below and also why not sign up to hear about all things APE and get this, as well as behind the scenes stuff delivered straight to your in-box.

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