Ape Summer School PART I...The art of SLOW


What haven't you yet achieved in your life that you would like to?

Is it that you would like to be doing a different job?  Is it that you'd like to find love and your perfect life partner or maybe you feel like all will be well when you're bringing in a particular income?

Also, if you want to do any of these things, have you got a time limited plan?  Should you achieve said status by next year, next month or maybe it should have already happened and now you're falling behind!   Agggghhh!

Having goals can be  great thing, and as you well know if you've been here at APE for any length of time we are big fans of setting yourself realistic and inspiring goals.  But  can this goal setting malarky become an issue?   Yes it can and quite easily too.

You see often we feel rushed, and angry with ourselves for not doing these things 'quickly' enough.  Everything just seems to take so damn long!

Well welcome to the art of SLOW.

Over the next 4 weeks here at APE we are going to be taking a look at the art of doing things slowly.  We'll be looking at how actually doing things more slowly can be of huge benefit to you, not only in actually in helping you to complete said projects, but helping you to do them in a way that feels right as it gives you time to really reflect, stop and do your very best work...not to mention as it can also mean doing things in a way that is more nurturing to yourself.

Need more convincing, well here's a short trailer...

[wpvideo yKPBUjVz]

I hope you'll be following along with this series of 4 short videos, all designed to help you see the benefits of a slower way of thinking , behaving, doing business and well, just being.

So without further ado, let's kick off with the very first instalment...


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For everyone else, till next week…