Planning 2018!....4 steps to get your plan underway.


Do you make a plan for your year ahead?

If you do what does that look like?  Do you just jot down a few things on paper about what you'd like to see happen that year?  Maybe you just make a mental note about a few things, or maybe you're the kind of person that announces a resolution or two to all you know via social media?

I've always taken the planning of my New Year really seriously. By seriously, I mean that I literally take a day or two out to plan ahead and get clear on what I'd like to do that year.

Serious doesn't mean not fun though, as this planning session is often an opportunity to go away somewhere nice and punctuate the planning with nice walks, food and reading....all designed to inspire the process.  I also get to indulge another fetish of mine which is beautiful notebooks and other stationery items, but that for another time.

In my opinion and in my experience, if you don't plan you're floundering, and although that might be OK for those people who don't like to think about the future or have won the lottery (!), it's not the life for me.  In my experience both in my own life and with the clients I work with, planning ahead gives you the best chance of actually achieving what you want to achieve, whether that's as simple as moving house, or losing weight or starting your own business.

None of these things happen by themselves or for that mater by accident!

This kind of planning process is something that I also do with all of my clients as we take time out to look at the main things they would like to accomplish that year and then take some time out scheduling when they might happen.  So, in today's video I share with you an insight into how to get the ball rolling with this process, as planning and scheduling time for what you want to do is a big part of APE.  So let's get stuck in...