Hibernating Apes...

Did you know that apes hibernate?

Tee hee, well they do over at Ape...!

This week we are taking some time out to relax, rejuvenate, read (a lot!), and r....eat!

We are also taking time away from social media...are you?  It's such a great opportunity to do this, and very good for your mind and soul.

We are however looking forward to being back next year with a series of videos to help you kick start the New Year, including upcoming blogs about Planning for 2018, Managing your Mind-set as well as more car Karaokes, interviews with experts in Yoga, Lucid Dreaming and Out of Body Experiences (I mean wow!), and a fab interview with someone from the National Brain Bank (not for those that are squeamish).

Also rather excitingly we will be launching our first Training programmes so do watch out for those!

We hope that you're enjoying some down time, and don't forget if you want to be the first to get APE directly into your in-box every week, as well being the first to find out about the new APE training then sign up to the Mailing Lost by clicking HERE.

Also, do head over to our Facebook page to get stuck into the conversation..you can do that by clicking HERE.

Till next year...let's make it a good'un!