Merry Christmas from APE!


What are you doing for Christmas this year?

Will you spending it with family?

Adopted family or friends?

Maybe you will be with your animals or will you be alone this year?

Maybe you'll be doing a bit of all of the above!

Whatever it is you're doing, I hope that you'll be taking some time to stop and breathe and that you can find some time to have a bit of fun and playfulness and do what you want to do, not falling into the trap of doing what you think you should be doing, which is often what happens at this time of year.

It's funny how one of the most joyous and wonderful times of the year often turns into one of the most stressful.  It often becomes a time when instead if doing what we want to do we very easily slip into other's expectations of us.

I've worked with a lot of people this year who do this. I've done this myself over the years and what ends up happening is that we feel resentful and even more exhausted than before the Christmas break!

AT APE we are all about finding what makes you happy, and breaking through those mental blocks, barriers and worries in a way that ultimately allows you to feel like you're living a fulfilled life.

I hope that this Christmas you're able to harness a bit of this.  I hope that you get to have fun, feel recalibrated and connected, and also that you feel the excitement of the New Year ahead.

I'll be sharing some things with you over the next few weeks that will help you with this, but in the meantime, our video this week is a reminder to play, have fun and laugh!

Merry Christmas!