Are you sick of being told you need to HUSTLE?...


If you want to make changes in your life and really achieve anything, you NEED to Hustle!

You also need to give 110%, while being your authentic self, but don't forget that you need to be vulnerable and own your shame, all the while you are living your passion...of course with the help of your tribe!....AAGGGGHH!

Do you ever feel quite frankly sick and tired of hearing this vacuous advice, from people who either don't seem to be doing it themselves or do seem to have it all, and now sit on their throne of contentment all the while telling everyone else what to do?

As someone who works in this space, I've felt agitated and frustrated for some time, by the overuse of this kind of language.  I also know that many of my clients feel the same way, as they tell me they don't like using certain words or hearing words that they find unhelpful, as they are striving and working so hard to build more fulfilling lives and businesses for themselves.

I can't lie. I'm guilty of using some of these words and phrases myself, but I do try and limit when I use them, and also feel myself cringing sometimes when I do.  Sadly what may have been a powerful phrase seems to be banded around with such abandon, that somehow it's become the lingo of the self-proclaimed success stories, and quite frankly the many charlatans out there!

So today, in honour of this conversation I've taken a very APE look, i.e. cheeky, fun and full of play (with a big dose of sarcasm) at this issue.  But before you dive in, I want to be super clear that although I've chosen a 'coach' as the main character in today's piece, I am not saying for one moment that this sits on the door of only the coaches out there!  No siree Bob!  On-line marketeers, on-line entrepreneurs, 'self-helpy' peeps and authors are all guilty of this.

And anyway 'some of my best friends are coaches'...wink wink!


Gulp!  What did you think?  "Did this resonate for yoooooouu?" LOL!

I'd really love to hear your thoughts on this controversial topic.  Do you feel bombarded with this kind of language or do you love it and wish you could speak it yourself?  Do you find it helpful or unhelpful?  Please comment below, or indeed pop over to our Facebook page (and new free closed group) to continue this fascinating chat.

 Til next week.

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