What's your relationship with money?...



When you read this word, what comes to mind for you?

Do you think of your savings or lack of?  Do you think of the fact that you feel content and happy with what you have financially, or would you like to have more?

Do you begin to think of your work and what you do, and how you feel your income reflects your worth or indeed how it doesn't?

Do you think about the fact that you would like to earn more of your own money versus relying on another, maybe a spouse or parent or even relying on loans that you've taken out?

In my work as a psychologist and helping people to make changes in their life, I have yet to work with anyone where money isn't part of the conversation.  Why?  Well, money is intricately woven into the fabric of our lives. The money we have or don't have is expressed in the work we do, the holidays we take, the friends we keep, the car we drive as well as how we feel and how we relate to the life we live and life we portray.

In today's video I begin this important conversation about money, and offer a simple but powerful exercise you can try which will help you begin to unravel your own relationship with money...click below to get stuck in.

I hope you do try this exercise.

I do this with most of my clients, especially when they are looking at starting a business or leaving a job. The power of understanding your relationship with money will enable you to do things like allow you to increase your earning potential and even take away any angst you might be feeling about the topic.

I'd love to hear how this goes for you, and if you're brave enough maybe you will even share what blocks or interesting things you discovered?

Until next week!


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