This is your time...


A different pace, a different feel this week.

Have you ever felt stuck, blocked or unsure as to whether you are doing the right things in your life..from your career to your relationships to just how you are living your life day to day.

If so, please take a moment to stop and watch this short video which I designed to inspire you and help you to see that you're not alone.  That in actual fact these feelings, these peaks and troughs are part of life and in some ways we actually need these changes in season to help us make way for change and new things to come.

You see I often feel like I'm in a very privileged position as I get to hear people's stories on a daily basis.  What I know for sure from this experience is that we are more the same than we are different.  That even the most confident person feels scared, that even the most intelligent person doesn't know everything and also that these feelings don't last for ever.  Enjoy...

I hope you enjoyed this very different little video here this week at APE.

What I personally would love for you to be able to take away from this is that you can move through any period of doubt, worry, anxiety or sadness, but at the same time you should never feel pressured to rush though that period, which in actual fact is part of your growth.  It's your winter.  Your time to reflect and nurture yourself, and that there is so much you can do to achieve the things you want to, with clarity, when you choose to.

I'd love to hear what you got from today and also I'd love to hear from you if you've ever felt like this?  Did you overcome your own period of doubt, uncertainty or grief, and what did you do to start putting one foot on front of the other?

With much love to you this week if you've been feeling like CAN do it.  It really is YOUR TIME.

Till next week.


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