The 3 steps to success!...


Have you ever wondered how you're going to achieve the things you want to in life?

Maybe you've read the books, you've done the courses and you've maybe even hired a coach or someone to help you on your journey and yet you still feel blocked or like there is more working against you than in your favour.

In today's blog I share the 3 steps to success, which are all about Acquisition, Performance and other words, APE!

I've worked hard on this model which has been based on research but more importantly my experience as psychologist working with people all looking to live fulfilled lives.

It's not always easy.  There are no guarantees and this kind of stuff isn't a magic formula - as much as other trainers, coaches and self-help peeps would like you to believe!-.

What I can honestly say though, from my own experience having actually taken people through the APE process, is that by putting in the work which looks like working on yourself, your mind-set and changing your behaviours, WILL get you big results.

 Sometimes the people I work with even surprise themselves!

So, today we dig into the APE model, and look at each part of the model which acts like a road-map to get you to where you want to be...let's get stuck in!

I hope you found today's post useful.

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Of course I'd also love hear from you if you discover anything new about yourself after doing this exercise.  What do you notice about what blocks or stops you and what can you see that will help you move forward?  Please comment below..

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Till next week..