Interview with Tao Porchon-Lynch..


The strap line here at APE Model is 'all it takes is for one ape to think differently'.

As well as challenging us to evolve, think and behave differently via the model itself, we also spend a lot of time looking others who are out there actually doing it.  Living it!

These are the the people who have broken the mould via how they live, or what they have accomplished.

These are the people that challenge our thinking and make us ponder and reflect on what we could do differently to live our own best lives.

These are often the people where others around them struggle to understand who they are...what they are doing seems crazy, bonkers, a waste of time, silly, too dangerous maybe?

This week we place the spotlight on one of THE most inspirational people you could ever hope to meet.  Tao Porchon-Lynch.

For those of you that don't know her, Tao is a Yoga Master, and at 99 years of age makes her the oldest yoga teacher in the world today.

Born in Punducherry, India in 1918, she discovered yoga when she was a child, having seen some boys 'playing a game' that she was intrigued by.  Told that this thing was actually yoga, but only something boys were allowed to, do saw the early rising of her defiant spirit as she became determined to master it herself..which she did.

Her path to becoming a yoga master however wasn't straight forward, as she was first drawn to modelling and then the stage, spending her early working life as an actress for the likes of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer working alongside the likes of Kathryn Grayson and Elizabeth Taylor to name a few.

Tao has marched with Mahatma Ghandi, teaches yoga all over the world, learnt to ballroom dance at the age of 84, appearing on America's Got Talent, the list goes on.

In this interview Tao opens up about her path to yoga but also shares so much more.

Here she gives us a special insight into her positive state of mind, and what this does for her mind, body and spirit.  She also tells us about her other passions including animals and taking care of the planet.  So without further ado, please click on the link to get a huge dose of inspiration from a living legend...

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Tao.  I'd love to know what you've been able to take form this interview and also if it hearing her words have inspired you to do anything differently yourself.

I can honestly say that she's inspired me to start my day with a positive thought.  What a huge impact this can have on what happens to you and how your life actually looks.

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