Did you know that successful people wake up at 5am?...or do they?..


What time do you get up in the morning?

Are you an early riser? Do you like the quietness of the house as you potter downstairs to make yourself a coffee, and then use this sacred time write or read a book before the rest of the house arises?

Or maybe you like to wake a little later and get up just in time to get ready for the day and go to work or go out to the gym?

Whatever you do are you happy with the sleep you're getting and do you feel like your routine suits you?  Are you getting enough sleep?

When I work with clients, there typically seems to be some kind of improvement we can make in their sleep routine.  Some feel that they don't get enough.  Some are in bad patterns, so sleep late but have to be up early for work so are always feeling tired. Some  and, I have to admit I see it more in my female clients, feel guilty if they 'lie-in' or are not getting with the sparrows.

The media likes to focus on sleep, and as part of their repertoire for stories and advice the general rule of thumb seems to be that if you want to be successful, then getting up with the sparrows is exactly what you should be doing.  After all, it's what the 'greats' do isn't it? They are apparently up at 5am writing their next novel, making their millions, honing their 6 pack or creating the recipe for world peace...but is it true, and should we be bowing down to the peer-pressure that tells us that the only route to happiness and success is the 5am start?

Well I dive into this is in today's video, where we look at importance of sleep and the real benefits it can have for you in terms of brain function, memory and your physical health. We also take a look at some famous case-studies of those that rise early and those that don't!

So, here we go...