The Psychology and benefits of Play...


Happy Halloween...and just in time, as today we take a look at the Psychology of Play!

Do you consider yourself to be playful?  Do you like to play..and if so what does that look like for you?

Maybe it's as simple as playing a board game or another game or sport which has rules and outcomes, or maybe you like to be more playful versus playing actual games?  Again, what does this look like for you and whether you do or you don't like to be playful, have you ever asked yourself why?  What do I get from playing and is there actually any benefit to this tom-foolery?

Well, play is not just a fundamental  part of how we do things here at APE Model - as you may have noticed - but it's a part of the A.P.E Model itself.  In fact we devote an entire module to in the Evolve section of the model (see below).  But why you might ask?  Why is play so important?

In today's video I delve into 4 of the benefits of play, there are more of course but these 4 should be enough to make you ponder and consider for yourself if you'd like to be more playful in your own life and if you do what it can do for you in your own evolution?

So, let's get stuck in...