The Psychology behind inaction and 3 tips to overcome it...


Have you ever struggled to be in action and do the things you really want to do?

Maybe you know you want to get fit, and yet every day you find yourself struggling to go to the gym..again.

Maybe you really want to make a big career change but find yourself procrastinating and reading yet another book on what you could do instead of actually being in action about making any real, physical changes?

This might sound counter-intuitive to many, as surely if you really want to do something you will just get it done?  Right?

Well not everyone finds themselves in the position of jumping into action just because they know they want to achieve something.  Added to this is the stress and feelings of frustration can start to creep in and make us feel even worse as we struggle to get our head around the fact that we just can't seem to DO they very thing we think we want to do!

In today's video I take a look at the 3 main profiles of person that can find themselves in this situation.  Because by knowing why we might do this and where it ultimately comes from, we can gain insight into the things that then might help us get out of the vicious cycle we're in.

I also share 3 simple tips you can implement immediately to help you get out of that inactive here we go!