The Psychology behind defining what happiness means to you


Have you ever said to yourself...'I just want to be happy'.

What did that mean exactly?  So what did you expect happy to look like?

Did it involve having more spare time to do the things you love.  Did it involve having more money or a bigger home?  Maybe, it meant leaving your current job or starting that new business, or maybe it just means feeling freer in your mind, so not as stressed more relaxed, less anxious.

It's funny but I work with clients all the time who tell me that they would like aspects of their life to be 'happy'.  They say things like, 'I'd like a happy relationship', or 'I'd like to feel happier in my job' or 'I'd like my kids to be happy'.  When they say this I always ask them that key question...'can you define it for me'.  In other words, how does that need to be manifested for you to feel like it's been achieved?  What does that look like in reality?

Indeed, the same rule can be applied to all of those other things we say we want in our lives, sometimes haphazardly, like I want a 'successful' relationship or business.  I want to feel 'content' in my body.

Todays blog is all about the power behind getting clear about your definitions of these things, and the impact it can have on our lives and relationships when we get crystal clear about what we really mean.  I also share with you today a very personal story about how I used to do this in a previous relationship and the cost it had.  So let's dive in...

I do hope that you found this useful.  I'd love to know if you can identify of yourself when you are unclear about the definitions you holds and also if you can see ways that you can now impact this, in a way that will have you feel 'happier' and more aligned with where you want, and even who you want to be.

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