Why breaking your routine is vital for your brain function...


Do you have a daily routine?

What is it?  Do you try and get up at the same time every day?  Do you eat the same breakfast and maybe walk to work in the same direction taking the same streets eventually stopping off to get the same coffee order from the same coffee shop on the way?

Likewise, when is the last time you broke that routine?  And when you broke that routine how did it feel?  Scary?  A bit exciting, maybe just a bit fresher than the norm?

Well, it just so happens that breaking your normal routine is a great mood booster.  Not only can breaking the daily-grind positively impact your general feeling of happiness and wellbeing, but the impact it has on brain function, especially as we age, is  huge.

In today's blog I take a look at what breaking your routine can do for you and how just by making these small tweaks you can really add a big fat dose of goodness to your life...

Of course I’d also love to hear from you.  Have you ever made small tweaks to your day but noticed a big impact?  Maybe you've taken up a new hobby or done something daredevil and exciting that made you feel alive, motivated or excited about the future?  If so we'd love to hear about it.

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