How you can win friends and avoid people...


Have you ever felt like people in your life have held you back, versus having your back?

What was it they did?  Did they fail to support you in pursuit of your dreams?  Did they criticise you for the changes that you were making in your life?  Did they retract their positivity the minute things seemed to be going well for you?

'People' make up an entire module in A.P.E, as regardless of how much you feel you need someones support or guidance, or just someone else's positivity to push you forward; the fact is that the people you surround yourself with make a big difference in your life.

Think about different does it feel when someone is there to support you, cheerlead you on and bounce ideas off in a positive way, versus the opposite which is what we look at today.

This video is a brief exploration, in a cheeky fashion, of the 6 types of people you should be avoiding in life if you want to move forward...let's get stuck in.

So what do you think?  Do you relate to this?  Are there people in your life that you've 'culled' as a means to protect your own emotional wellbeing or self-esteem?  How did it feel when you did that?

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