Did you know that your feelings might be holding you back from achieving great things?


Have you ever set out to do something, and then frustratingly failed to stick to the plan of action that would get you to your exciting destination?

What was it that you wanted to do?  Did you want to start that business in the evenings so that you could finally leave your job?  Maybe get to the gym so you can lose that weight or finally write that book that's been tapping you on the shoulder for the last 10 years.

Where so many of us go wrong is that we buy into our feelings when it comes to trying to get stuff done.  We actually stop and before we launch into action and quite dangerously ask ourselves 'how we feel' about this thing we are about to do?

Ever had that happen...you're just about to start said activity and then think "I don't feel like doing doing this'....I feel really tired tonight'...'I don't feel up to this'...'I feel like really have earned a night off'.

If you can relate to this, and would like access to a simple strategy that you can implement immediately that will help then click on the video below.  In this video I'll be sharing with you why you might do this, and also how you can overcome these pesky feelings that are holding you back...

Of course I’d also love to hear from you.  Do you ever find yourself  frozen in in-action or maybe you can share with us how this simple strategy is working out for you.  Let us know down below in the comments or of course if you have any questions please just send them along to info@apeathy.com

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