The Psychology behind having a Vision...and why it's crucial to your success.


Do you have a vision for you life?

How do you want it to look?  Do you envision yourself having a different job or business in the future? Or maybe you visualise one day having the body you've always desired?  Maybe you visualise one day having more money or a loving relationship.

This week at APE, we are taking a look at what it means to have a clear vision for your future self and future life.  You see there's a difference between a dream and a vision and often people confuse the two which often results in frustration and confusion when things don't work out like they do in our dreams.

In today's short video I'll be sharing with you the psychology behind having a clear vision as well as an exercise that will help you to work towards getting this super clear, because making changes in our life start by getting absolute clarity about what we are setting out to achieve.

Let's dive in!

Of course I’d also love to hear from you.  Are you clear on the difference between your own dreams and your visions? If you tried the dream/nightmare exercise what did you learn about what you see in your future?  Let us know down below in the comments or of course if you have any questions please just send them along to

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