Why you need to follow your INTUITION and what it can do for you...


Have you ever overridden what appears to be logic, and instead 'gone with your gut?'.

How did that turn out for you?  Better or worse than you'd expected?  Glad you made the decision?  Relieved...it turned out better after all.

I've yet to meet anyone who hasn't been glad that they went with their gut over their head (not to say that it can't happen of course).  But what does it mean to 'go with your gut' or your intuition?  And why am I proposing that this skill is vital to our evolution both as individuals but also, arguably as a species?

Well, in this week's Halloween Special, I dive into what it means to be intuitive and how using our intuition is becoming a lost art.

We take a look at the benefits using your intuition and how it can help you on your journey to fully embrace who you are, bit also as a way to help you make those changes you've wanted to make and get to where you want to be.

What are your thoughts?  Personally, I consider myself very intuitive but even I resort short-cuts and am definitely guilty of getting out my phone faster than I should on occasion. I'm consciously trying to do this less now and I'm noticing a real shift.  More mindfulness, more calm and more contentment with the decisions I'm making.

Do you use your intuition or do you feel that you could maybe use it more often?

Til then have a great week!

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