The importance of a self-care routine for Entrepreneurs...


Calling all entrepreneurs and want to be entrepreneurs!

I'd love to know what your self-care routine is?  Simply put, what do you do every day to make sure you're taking care of yourself?

Now, this isn't fluff and silliness so don't roll your eyes, switch off or start talking to me about hustling (Click HERE to see how we feel about that!).

I don't want to hear that if you want to be taken seriously/make money/see growth or 'build your business' that it comes at the expense of your time or in this case time-out for you.

In my business as a psychologist helping people make radical changes, the client group I work with most of all are people who want to leave their current employment and work for themselves.

I find that one of the things that is most difficult is often getting this profile of client to look at self-care, why?  Well for all the reasons I've just outlined!

It seems that the belief is, that if you do things that are self-care based that you are compromising your business and the knock-on effect is that this impacts your income, your growth and ultimately your future plans about where you want to be.

In today's video I not only dispel some of these myths, but I share 4 key reasons that highlight not only how is self-care vital for your own wellbeing and sense of contentment in your business, but that it's actually vital for your business and its growth.

So here it is...just click on the video below.

What are your thoughts?

If you're a business owner I'd love for you to share your thoughts on this topic of conversation.  Do you take taking care of yourself seriously or have you neglected this for a while?

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Til next week!


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