3 tips to quickly build your self-confidence..


Are you a confident person?

If you consider yourself to be confident, do you feel confident in every situation?

Most of us have strategies and ways of coping in situations when we don't feel confident, for example when we have to give a presentation at work, or going for a new job interview.

Sometimes however we can go through periods of just not feeling as confident as we usually do, maybe when life has thrown us a few knocks, or if things are not going our way, sometimes our self confidence can take a bit of a nose-dive!**

Well, there are some really simple things that you can implement straight away that have a surprising impact on how we feel and I delve into three of these things in today's video (APE style of course!)...so here we go..

Have you tried any of these before?

I'd love to hear from you if you think you'll be trying any of these strategies...and remember, they can work as 'one-off' strategies for specific things or events like a job interview for example, so give them a go.

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Til next week!


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**As noted in the video, this advice is not targeted to those that are suffering from any potential disorder where a persons self-confidence has been affected.  If you feel you are suffering with issues around self-confidence and this is impacting on your mental health and daily functioning, then please seek the advice of a professional.  This is by no means given as a replacement for appropriate and professional medical help**