Why we should embrace our contradictory beliefs...


Can you relate to feeling ambitious, but also lazy?

Maybe sometimes you feel excited and scared at the same time or maybe you feel 'happy-sad'.  If you can relate to feeling any of these contradictory beliefs, know that you're not alone.  Not by any stretch of the imagination.

You see it's human nature to feel these seemingly opposite feelings and have them sit side by side, jostling away somewhere in the background.  What usually tends to happen is they come up in conversation or when something happens in your life that has you stop and think and notice that you're thinking or feeling or experiencing thoughts or even exhibiting behaviours that are contradictory to one-another.

Well, in this weeks video we explore this funny human 'quirkism' a little more, looking at why there is power in embracing these contradictions and also how they can sometimes hold you back from moving forward...

Do you relate to this?

Do you notice what your own contradictions are and are you happy with them or are there any you'd like to change? I'd love to hear from you below if you're brave enough to share.

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