Is having an on-line business the only way to be successful today?


Do you ever feel like your social media news-feeds are littered with messages about living a lap-top lifestyle?

Does it feel to you like everyone is living their dream via an on-line business?  Like all roads to success seem to start with what you can do on-line to make money which will in turn free up more of your time to have beach holidays and travel the world.. allowing you to conduct your business anywhere from Bognor to Bali?

I've noticed this creeping into our psyches of late, and my clients have noticed it too, as many feel a distinct push to make everything they do accessible on-line even if it feels very much in conflict with what they feel they really want to do.

Well, first of all, this post isn't about poo-poohing the on-line world or on-line businesses by any fact A.P.E is in part an on-line business!  Also, with over 3 billion people across the globe on-line, it certainly IS a great way to connect with people and to help more people with your knowledge and services.

Having an on-line business can indeed be a great way to live a life you want, and like I've said, can allow you to help far more people than you may have been able to do 20 years ago.  The problem with this however, isn't so much that this is possible, but more so the push for everyone to do it.  And if they haven't done it yet, to imply that an on-line business is the only way someone can be successful or happy.

This just isn't true.

 The fact is, is that not all jobs or careers are designed to be on-line.  What would we do without doctors and nurses caring for our sick?

What would we do without teachers in schools to teach our children?

What would we do without people to clean the streets, to work in cafes and to maintain our buildings?

Without people physically engaging in doing the work, working in real-time in all corners of our society, would it not be the case the society itself would suffer?

Though we don't look specifically at on-line businesses at APE, it inevitably crops up in discussions around change, as so many people wish to have businesses of their own.  It's also very much a part of the dialogue around finding your passion or your purpose.  Really thinking about what you're good at, and therefore how you wish to progress your this case on-line or not?  Or maybe just how much?

Because this is a conversation that comes up again and again when looking at these things, I decided to rip the plaster off starting by what we do best here at APE, which is to have some fun with it first and foremost...and then consider the reality, ultimately addressing what it means for YOU.

So here we go...

What do you think?

It's certainly another risqué one this week, but nonetheless an important discussion to have.  I'd really love to know if this message means something to you.  Do you ever feel bombarded by this message and feel like you should be on-line.  Maybe you've already made the move, or maybe you're following a different path.  Please let us know below or do come over to the Facebook page to join in the discussion by clicking HERE.


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Until next week!