Interview with Dr Djordje Gveric: National Brain Bank


As you are sat right now, reading this very blog piece, your brain is at work.

Your brain is always at work, in fact it never gets a rest day or holiday as it's always on duty, 24/7.

Even when you feel like you're not doing much, or thinking much, or even sleeping;  during all of these states, your brain is working hard to process information and stimuli, make sense of what is going on and find itself, and therefore 'you' in space. It's regulating your digestive systems, your breathing your heart rate and blood pressure to name a few things.

As well as all of this, it sits at the heart of how you begin to process your feelings, your desires, and controls your responses to others and harbours your memories, dreams and fantasies.

It is, in short, THE most A-Mazing organ and one that we would all benefit from understanding a little see we all have one (even people who may feel are lacking one at times!).

Sadly, a lot of people don't take much notice of their own brain until something goes wrong.  There are many neurological afflictions that people may encounter during their lifetime, some brought of by trauma, some by disease, some genetic.  This week we have the pleasure therefore of introducing to you a wonderful human being called For Djordje Gveric, who is in charge of the Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Brain Bank at Imperial College London.

In this interview Djordje tells us all about the work that is done at the bank, as well as showing us 'behind the scenes' as he takes us though to the labs where we look at some real brains.

Djordje is so candid in this interview and as I pose some questions to him about life the universe and everything, he kindly delves into questions about consciousness and the idea of the 'self', fascinating stuff and something from which we can all take something without further ado...

I do hope that you found this interview interesting and that made it's maybe even made you think differently about your own brain.

If you're interested to find out more, and would maybe even consider donating your own brain to science (wow!), then you can click on the LINK HERE to be taken to find out more.

In the meantime, I'd like to state once more how grateful we at APE Model are for Dr Djordje's time and bubbling enthusiasm for his work, as well as to Imperial College for allowing us behind the scenes.

Next we are back with another interview...this time from an APE client no less, so you can hear about what changes they have made in their life since being involved in all things APE...exciting!

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