How small 'nudges' can help you make big changes...


Have you ever felt like you just needed a nudge in the right get you to where you want to be?

Maybe you'd like to change your job, lose weight or start exercising more and you know that just by making a few small tweaks you might be able to actually achieve what you want.  The problem often is however, that where you ultimately want to be seems so far away!

Enter Nudge Theory.

Nudge Theory, simply put means starting with small changes that elicit behaviours, nudges if you will, that force you in the direction of where you want to be.

I todays video we look at this, a little about how it's been implemented in society to evoke big behaviour changes in populations and even politics, and more importantly how you can implement it in your life as a starting strategy for your own change.

Pen and paper at the ready and here we go...

So, will you be implementing any nudges in your own life?

I'd love to hear from you if you think you will!

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Til next week!