Happy Birthday to us!...APE MODEL turns 1!


Happy birthday to APE, Happy Birthday to APE, Happy Birthday tooooo Aaaa, aaa-pe.  Happy birthday to APE!

I think you get this gist?!

A year ago this week, APE Model Psychology started its journey into the world and into the lives of people like you.  Yes, you reading this right now.

I can tell you though, that it didn't just begin the night before the first blog post was launched.  No.  In fact I came up with the concept 3 years before, around the same time that I started another business altogether in fact**.  The only issue was that it didn't feel right to go ahead with APE at that time.  I wasn't completely sure why at the time, but I'm a big believer in trusting your gut and so that's what I did.

For those 3 years, while I worked on my other business, I did my APE work behind the scenes and trialled and tested concepts and parts of the model with the clients I was working with.

I can tell you now, with my hand on my heart that it was a good decision.  If not only for the fact that I think APE would be something really quite different had I launched it at that time but also I've grown and changed so much as a person over the last few years, that I'm more comfortable in my own skin and I think that you do your best work from a place of self-acceptance more than anything else.  The result if you don't do this, is a business that you create that looks and feels how you think it should, versus how you feel it should  Big mistake!

So today, in honour of our birthday I'm sharing with you a very, very different kind of video.

It's more of a behind the scenes snippet really and in it I'm telling you all about a period of change that Ive experienced recently and how this has impacted not just me, but my business.  I'm also sharing wth you what you can expect to see 'going forward' as they say; as inevitably this will impact what APE looks and feels like.

So, without further ado a little from behind the scenes in honour of us being 1 year old! Enjoy...

Well, would you like more from behind the scenes?

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Til next week!


** The other business was my Multi-passionate business for women...see HERE if you're feeling nosey!**