Car-e-oke with Jade Shaw...Out of Body researcher and teacher!


I'm so excited to bring you this week's blog post and interview..

...which is with the incandescent Jade Shaw, Out of Body Researcher and Teacher.

At APE Model Psychology we're focussed on helping people make big changes in their life and we do this through via the APE Model.  As part of the process we also look at up-to-date research, theory and importantly the stories and experiences of others who paved the way; challenging our thinking about how we live our lives and ultimately what is possible...and that is exactly what Jade will do for you this week.

 In this interview Jade tells you all about her journey into the world of OBEs, which she not only teaches others about but practices herself!

She also generously shares some personal stories, all in amongst a lot of laughter and some, well kind-of-singing!

If you've ever been curious about transpersonal psychology, consciousness and what is truly possible then get stuck into this fun interview.

So without further ado...

WOW!  Am I right?

I'd love to know if you're going to be trying some of these techniques and if you do, or indeed if you've already experienced an OBE, I'd love it if you were brave enough to share your experience here! If you have had one, how did it change you?  What do you feel you learnt from the experience?

Thank you for sharing.


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Til next week!