Find your purpose...4 things you can try to today!


Do you know what you are on this earth to do?  Why are you here?

What do you want your legacy to be?  What do you want people to think about you long after you have left this fine place?

It may sound a little morbid to some, but finding your purpose, what your gift to the world might be, can be deeply moving and deeply motivating.

It's certainly not something that everyone will consider.

In fact it seems to be that most people bob through life not really pondering the big stuff...but not those that APE Model Psychology!  In fact APE was born out of desire to rebel against the apathy that seems to be creeping into society.  The act of falling into one thing and then another, waiting for tragedy, illness or impending death to finally think..."did I do I what I was here to do?'....'did I really do what makes me happy?'..'did I make a difference?.

Some people have no trouble finding their why, their purpose.  They seem to have been born with the idea clear in their mind, and seem to be on a linear and fast-track trajectory to achieving said thing.  Then there are us who feel that deep niggling in their soul. The knowing that there is something bigger, something more important or fulfilling we should be doing, our lives feeling like trial and error on our path to achieving it, whatever it is?

It's been said that if you're struggling to find your purpose you need look no further than at the things that 'breaks your heart'...that is what you should be doing. That is where you should be.   But this doesn't always feel like a good fit, so in todays video I take a slightly different approach and give you a few things you can do to help you identify what your purpose might be, so here we go...

Will you be using any of these tips to find your purpose?

If you do, or indeed if you've had any experiences of your own that have helped you on your own journey then I'd love to hear from you. I'd also love to hear from you if you feel that your purpose is something others would like to hear about as we are looking for more inspirational stories to share with our APE followers, so please get in touch at

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Until then, I hope you have a fantastic week!