You know you want to change but you just can’t see how to do it..

You feel stuck, and frustrated and sometimes angry that things haven’t improved for you or changed in the way you want them to.

The really frustrating thing is you’re intelligent. You’ve made it through tough times before and consider yourself to be a positive thinking person, you can problem solve and maybe you’ve done this for others; but this one has you stumped and you seem to spend most of your time Googling for answers to your questions.

Have other people been in your situation?

Have other people got through it?

What did they do, and would it work for me?

Did it all turn out ok in the end?


What next?

Well, first of all, you’re not alone.

We all need help from time to time. You’re not supposed to know how to do everything. We didn’t come with our own manual of how we work and what to do if we feel broken?

When we feel like this, sometimes the biggest gift we can give to ourselves is to ask for help.

How the psychology school can help you

By the time people come to see me, they are ready to change and willing to take a long hard look at what they can do to push forward and have their life look and feel different.

The kind of things I’ve helped people with in the past include:

  • Figuring out how to find more balance in their life

  • Figuring out if they’ve made the right decisions - about careers, relationships or opportunities

  • Finding more meaning and purpose in their life

  • Feeling more fulfilled and happy

  • Working through feelings or conflict

Think of Coaching like an athlete.

Have you ever met a professional athlete without a coach?

No is the answer. It just wouldn’t be possible, because all athletes have coaches.

You see they know that to be the very best they can be, to perform at peak level and to continue to improve, then they need someone outside of ‘them’ to evoke that change.

Someone different to teach them, push and challenge them, offer them other ways of looking at things, ask questions, provide support and also be their cheerleader on their journey to do something really huge.

So, when you are struggling to do something, why not employ the same strategy?

Someone who wants to improve their situation, progress, grow, evolve and make important changes will certainly benefit from doing this!

take action

I offer limited number of coaching packages for people in this situation.

It all starts with a 1.5 hour consultation, where you get to tell me all about the area you’d like to work on.

Sometimes this hour and a half is all a person needs and they go off with a bunch of strategies and tools to work on their problem and feel happier in tackling the issue at hand with just this small amount of input…surprising what actually asking for help can do!

Others go on to book a Coaching block of 4 weeks with me, which allows them to have a little more input and help to implement any strategies I’ve suggested.

Regardless it all starts with that first session, so to get started today then just click on the link below to be taken to the bookings page.

Here you’ll be asked to provide your key details. I’ll then get bak to you with payment details and options of times for our meeting which can either take place in-person in Nottingham or by Skype.

I look forward to hearing from you.